In the early 2000’s I spent a fair amount of time working on (formerly ComputerCops). The site was the main computer virus and security forum around at the time. I was involved in the administration side and also ran around on the forums. As I was also Coaching at the time, I wrote a few articles that were published on the site.

These articles were some ideas and placed to give any members who wanted some respite from Computers to have a read and if they so wished could take some snippet of information away with them.

They became pretty popular with over 20,000 reads each week (not hard on a site of some 240,000 members)

Thought I would stick them up here for anyone who wants to delve into the past

Old and Wise

Take another look 1 November 2005

There are none so blind as those who will not see 31 August 2005

What’s the difference between a call center and getting help? 13 July 2005

Splitting The Personalities 18 June 2005

Now we know our ABC’s 14 June 2005

Under the Influence 2 June 2005

Sometimes, you have to let life be 9 May 2005

More than one way to skin a cat 3 May 2005

You’ve got to accentuate the positive… 25 April 2005

The writing is on the wall! 1 April 2005

Watching… Waiting… 25 March 2005

Truth, Justice and the Ordinary Person 11 March 2005

Fine Wine, Fast Cars, Wild Women! 18 Feb 2005

New Years Resolutions… Let’s Get It Done! 29 Jan 2005

Conflict and the Everyday Person 22 Jan 2005

A Friend In Need… 15 Jan 2005

To follow my dreams, do I drive? 11 Dec 2004

The worst thing about Comedians 4 Dec 2004

I Think, Therefore I Am Right. 24 Nov 2004

What’s in a Label? 12 Nov 2004

A Closed Mouth Gathers No Feet 6 Nov 2004

Do I hear Fifty?, Yep, Going once…. 5 Nov 2004

Positive, Negative… which wire is which? 28 Oct 2004

To Do or Not To Do? 21 Oct 2004

Life and the Supermarket Checkout Line 15 Oct 2004

Don’t Talk To Me, I’m Frustrated 9 Oct 2004

Try the Nuts… They’re Complimentary 2 Oct 2004

Dumping Like There’s No Tomorrow 24 Sept 2004

How Do You See Me? 18 Sept 2004

The Scenario 11 Sept 2004

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise 2 Sept 2004

A Lesson Learnt 27 August 2004

Confused? It’s a Jigsaw Puzzle! 19 August 2004

Billiards and the Misspent Youth 12 August 2004

Custard… Anyone? 4 August 2004

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall 28 July 2004

Service is the Watchword 22 July 2004

A Legacy Once Made, Never Forgotten 17 July 2004

Emotional and Loving It! 8 July 2004

Communicating can be the Devil 30 June 2004

Thinking One Thing and Doing Another 26 June 2004

Who’s the Architect of your Endeavors? 18 June 2004

The Ultimate Computer Security for Non Computer Types 16 June 2004

How do you eat an Elephant? 14 June 2004

To Tolerate or not to Tolerate? 10 June 2004

Tricks of the Trade and other savory delights 03 June 2004

Something about Mary 27 May 2004

If you can’t beat them, compliment them!!! 20 May 2004

Doing Time On Planet Earth 13 May 2004

Recognition and the Art of becoming Famous 06 May 2004

What Was That 29 April 2004

Responsibility and You 08 April 2004