This is a teleclass I ran as part of the Attraction Module at CoachU back in 2003


Work in the field (of all possibilities) viz responding vs reacting:

What did you notice around reacting vs responding?

What kinds of things caused reaction?

What causes us to overreact rather than overrespond?

What types of situations would you choose to overrespond to?

What are the warning signs that a reaction is on the way?

Tonight’s teleclass is about establishing a super-reserve in every areas of your life as a way to increase your attractiveness.

Reserve means to have more than you need. A super reserve is to have heaps more than you’ll ever need.

An helpful image is of the ant storing for the rainy day and mere survival and the Reserve Bank….has it could ever want and need.

Super-reserve puts the urge and pressure to physically survive at rest.

What do you see as the benefits of creating reserve?

(less worry and concern; stops neediness; reduces fear of survival; puts one at choice; quality of life; more time and peace of mind; more relaxed; less busyness; less stress)

What areas of your life do you see a reserve important?

(physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, mental)

(Reserves of time, space and freedom)

With a reserve you are more attractive.

Creating a reserve enhances your quality of life. Less fear is key to having a better life.

It is not that having a reserve makes you more attractive. It is how you change and evolve during the process of building a reserve is what matters most, although quantity does help/accelerate you becoming attractive. It is the BENEFIT which comes with the reserves rather than the quantity. Reduce the struggle and eliminate fear. More time space and freedom.

How does one build a Reserve at all?

What gets in the way of building it quickly?

How do you know when you have a Reserve?

What does it feel like?

What are the holes in your life which are letting the reserves you do accumulate drain out?

You know you are on track when:

You are saving instead of spending, and you enjoy it!

You are less affected by life’s problems because you have confidence that comes with reserve.

You feel more generous because you realize you can afford to be.

You will have dollars in the bank with no need for it.

Creating a reserve is a process and requires a system. Need to practice repetitive actions. Take an action each day.

What has been the benefit of doing this work on Becoming Attractive?

How will you use this in the future?

Who else might be interested?