This is a teleclass I ran as part of the Attraction Module at CoachU back in 2003

Welcome to week two of the Attraction teleclass.


How did everyone get on with being SELF-ish?

What kinds of reactions came up for you and how did you manage them? (As you become selfish, you’ll probably notice more about the type of person you’ve attracted. Usually, people have attracted others who need them to NOT be selfish, in other words, need people. See how the cycle is perpetuated….)

Were there any changes you made that created a feeling of SELF-ishness?

How will you keep these changes in place? (In order for you to attract stuff, there has to be a you. Some people aren’t selfish enough to have developed a complete sense of themselves. The understanding and practice of this principle will strengthen this part of yourself.)

I can see that you have made some great steps forward, if only by concentrating on the subject of SELF-ishness and looking.

Our next step is to continue on, in the vein of being more SELF-ish and now build into this…

The idea that the PRESENT IS PERFECT!!!

Now the definition for “the present is perfect” is…

Everything that” ”s around you is there for a reason. Everything has something to teach you, if only you

listen. The lessons that are waiting for you are the right ones for you now.

Now when I say, the present is perfect, what does that bring to the surface for you?

What ideas are you thinking?

With the definition in mind, what are the things that are happening around you that lead you to think “it’s about time I learnt the lesson there”

The skill we wish to move into possessing is

You will attract more when you perfect what you already have. When you see and accept that the current time, situation, accomplishment or problem really is perfect, even if it doesn’t feel that way, you are then free to let it be or to take action to create a better present. You are aligning yourself with what is so vs. what should, was or could be. When you are fully engaged in what comes to you in the present, then you make yourself open to the changes that will make the future even better. As you live this process, you become a model in perfecting the present.

With all this in mind, lets carry out an exercise,

take a piece of paper and draw two circles of about equal size side by side, take up most the page.

divide the first circle into roughly three equal parts by drawing two horizontal lines through the circle and label each section past, present, future.

Then do the same with the second circle but this time make sure the divisions with a small past, a big present and a small future.

Now lets look at these two circles, how are we going to get this shift happening?

Moving from circle one to circle two?

What percentage of our time are we spending in the present, past, or future?

What must happen to live in the present?

What is present perfect for you?

How are you stopping yourself from living in the present?

In order to make the changes necessary to become more attractive, you must pay attention to what’s happening to you and around you RIGHT NOW. Attraction LIVES in the moment, not in the future, and so should you.

Are you responding fully to both the problems and the opportunities that are occurring right now in your space? The present, rather than the future, is where you start to make changes so that attraction can find you. The ultimate change that you can make in your mindset, home, career, life, habits so as to become more attractive is to change your relationship with the future (and the past) and to engage fully in what’s taking place in the present.

Lets have a look at the past and the future

we are heading from “the future will be perfect” to the “present is perfect”

Agendas, to-do lists, striving, pushing, commitments, goals and external benchmarks are all about the past and the future. Attraction, however, is about the present and requires that you be living in the present before you’ll attract what’s best for you. If your to-do list or must accomplish list, etc. is pressing, the best of what could come to you won’t. This is because you’re too full. In order to be attractive, you need to have room for what you want to attract. (If there was no future, what would you do differently, today? What makes the future more interesting than the present for you? Are you creating the future, or is your present creating the future? What goals do you have that you’ve been ‘seduced’ into setting/wanting?)

What we need to do to live in the Present is:

Accept the past

Give up hope for a better past

Let go of the future

Surrender the future to your Higher Power

Trust the process in the moment

Live life fully in the moment

Know that everything is perfect just the way it is Right Now (Yes, you do have to plan well for the future, that’s being smart and responsible for the present…it is about not planning your life away, being so focused on becoming successful, that life passes you by.When the present is perfect the future is redundant….let go of striving.Use this principle to disengage from the If/Then trap…this formula is very expensive…get more, do more and become more)

Living in the present is an important part of Attraction. When you are really in the present , you are more able to enjoy what is around you. You are more able to receive the messages that are coming to you all the time – from what’s outside of you and from what’s inside of you. If you are too focused on the past, which is gone – or the future – which isn’t here yet, you won’t be able to offer your full attention to who and what is with you NOW. It is that full attention which makes you more attractive and which gives you what you need to fully and freely respond to what is in the present. Let go of what keeps you in the past or future and out of the present. Be in the NOW and enjoy it!! Become Irresistibly Attractive!

Action Steps to Take:

Try spending one day a week without goals. Simply respond to the messages you get from inside

you and around you. See what this feels like.

Pay attention to your thoughts for 15 minutes a day for the first three days of next week (check your watch or timer). What percentage of your thoughts related to the past, present, or future?

For the next three days, do your best to let go of thoughts of the past and future. Does this make you feel different?

Does this make you more or less effective in your daily life?

(Look out for sadness, confusion, boredom)