Yeah, Yeah, another team meeting

Written by  on November 20, 2005

You’ve heard it before, We need to become more Team Orientated Fat chance, you think to yourself… I don’t even like half these idiots and they don’t[...]

There are none so blind as those who will not see

Written by  on August 31, 2005

Everyday we go about our lives. Doing our work, playing our play but do we see all that we need to? During the course of my day, I am privy to some very[...]

What”s the difference between a call center and getting help?

Written by  on July 13, 2005

This last week I have shifted house and with the change of address came the organization of letting everyone know where I was going to. I also had to change[...]

You’ve got to accentuate the positive…

Written by  on April 25, 2005

As the song goes… “You’ve got to accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative, Latch on to the affirmative, Don”t mess with Mister[...]

The writing is on the wall!

Written by  on April 1, 2005

Documentation A lack of documentation appears to be one of the primary reasons individuals such as you and I fail in our bids to use the law to help us. Oh[...]

The worst thing about Comedians

Written by  on December 4, 2004

The worst thing about comedians is that when you laugh, you can sometimes miss the next joke. It’s funny that a comedian uses the same words as we[...]

I Think, Therefore I Am Right

Written by  on November 24, 2004

What makes us think the way we do? Now I aren’t talking about a deep seated psychological analysis or even trying to distinguish the id from the[...]

What’s in a Label?

Written by  on November 12, 2004

…and what give you the right to tell me what sort of a person I am. What sort of a label is that anyway… that’s nothing like me? No wonder I[...]

A Closed Mouth Gathers No Feet

Written by  on November 6, 2004

It is become blatantly obvious that I need to heed my own advice. Today I have been reading several different posts by people and as I know them, I can[...]

Don’t Talk To Me, I’m Frustrated

Written by  on October 9, 2004

Sometimes, just sometimes, I get really frustrated. Frustrated that people fail to tell the truth despite obvious signs that others also were there, were[...]