It is become blatantly obvious that I need to heed my own advice. Today I have been reading several different posts by people and as I know them, I can see that the very things they are complaining about in others are the very issues that they are creating in themselves.

This is a scary proposition for me as I write an article, once a week, and post it for all to read. I can see the headlines now, “Bill Gray needs to heed his own advice”.

, ‘Ok, so I had a look over my recent attempts to put pen to paper, and guess what, it doesn’t apply to me. It applies to everyone else but not me. So what are they doing wrong that I have got so right…. Whoops my first mistake…. You see, I have said that I struggle with this wrong and right concept. To me, it is a matter of viewpoints. I have mine and you have yours. It brings me back to this quote…

“There are always two sides to every argument until you are in one”

So as I write, I am putting my heart on my sleeve and pointing out my own imperfections. This goes for others as well. The more you point the finger in a particular direction, the more people are able to see that the beam of light is coming from you.

Now this brings up another interesting point. How come we can see exactly what the other person needs to do to fix their problem (or maybe I should say… to fix our problem, as we are the one taking issue with it) but we are unable to apply that same logic to ourselves. Are we stupid or what? We have the exact answer to help the other person but when it comes to us, a whole different set of rules come into play. The answers are no longer relevant.

But aren’t our answers, when we are in an argument, right? I mean, it’s the other person who is wrong, isn’t it? So if we know it, why aren’t we applying the very stylish answers we give to others, to ourselves? Stands to reason that we have the best answers, otherwise, why would we be arguing?

Oh that’s right; it’s the other person we are trying to fix.

So today’s lesson is…

If you write it down, read it and apply it to yourself. You are right, you have got it correct, you are just asking the wrong person to apply it.

Oh dear, looks like I have a lot of work to do. If you need me, I’ll be reading

Cheers… Bill

Bill Gray

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