There is too much hate and conflict in the world, don’t you think?. I have a fair idea that we all know this but what are we doing about it?

There are plenty of excuses why not…

What difference would I make in the world, I’m just one person

It’s everyone else’s fault

I’m not the politician

It’s just the way it is… and so on

We have to do better than that… we just have too. Where ever you live there are people moaning and groaning about how their life isn’t the way it should be. People just seem to be angry…

We each need to make a commitment to step up a little and take responsibility for our part in the great world. If we can alleviate just one piece of aggravation from around us then we will have done something towards making this place a saner place to live. It doesn’t take much, but it takes all of us.

There was a movie called “Pay it Forward” where a schoolboy created this idea to do a good turn for three people and they in turn did a good turn for three people and so on. The idea being that the compounding effect of the actions created goodwill all around.

Now the idea is a great one. There is even a foundation set up to grow the idea.

Now I am not suggesting that you have to do anything like this. I am suggesting that we must create a better environment in our daily lives and that of the people around us. I don’t care what your position you are in your life. Poor, Rich, Sad, Happy, Good, Bad… it doesn’t matter. If you were to do something each day that was a little more pro-survival than you would normally do, then we would be taking steps towards a better world.

If you are sitting there thinking, I already do enough, then you are missing the point. It’s a matter of improving on where you sit right now. The situation as it stands right now is not good by any stretch of the imagination. Around the world we have war, tsunamis, famine and conflicts. Sure we may not be able to do much about any one of these huge events but look out the back door. A young boy was raped in the suburb adjoining mine yesterday. A kitten was nearly kicked to death by three youths at a railway station close by. What happened around your way? Don’t tell me, nothing. Spread your wings a little and open your eyes. There are people everywhere that are the recipients of some form of anger or abuse.

Now if my approach is making you uneasy or if you feel like I should mind my own business, I am asking you to think again. If we close our eyes to all this, it doesn’t go away. It grows. The problems we have now aren’t new; they have been around slowly disintegrating the fabric of our communities for a couple of generations now maybe much longer. For too long we shut our eyes or use an excuse why we can’t make a difference.

So what can we do? It’s as easy as doing something, anything, rather than nothing. It may be as simple as listening to your kids so they feel like they have a Dad or a Mum (Mom for those that prefer it) who listens. It may be phoning your parents and saying “Hi, I love you” (They may think you have gone nuts but that’s not the point… I bet you they will think about it and appreciate it.)

You see, what this does is create some good will. The people you contact feel great and they will then enjoy the day. Maybe a little less aggravated about life and so spread the happiness a little further. It’s that simple. Please don’t say it isn’t, just try it. It will do you some good too. You might even enjoy it.


A few of the Staff at Castlecops have been starting blogging for the experience and the fun of putting excerpts of their life up online so others may peek into what they are up to.

Now blogging, for those that have never heard the term is an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called Weblog, Web log.

The question as to why would you do this has been raised with me a couple of times and I have no doubt that it is a pretty good way to have a say about whatever you would like to away from the constraints of the world. Be aware that this can become addictive and also be aware that it can be read by anyone. But with those two points covered, you are writing about your thoughts in a way that you want to and you can do it as often as you like. Not bad really, considering the amount of rules and regulations that control our lives.

This isn’t restricted to writing types; in fact it is probably more interesting if you aren’t. A blog is a very real account of life as you see it and it doesn’t have to conform. Just do a search of blogs in google and you will see the huge diversity already online.

For me, it’s important to keep a record. It was a lesson I learnt a few years back after an uncle of mine collated the letters and other writing my Grandfather had done throughout his life. The collated works were then sent to each of the grandkids as a record of his thoughts and ideas.

As I read through these letters I was amazed at what a thoughtful and insightful man he was. Over the week that I digested his ideas I learnt so much more about a man I thought I knew. Here were his thoughts in print speaking to me again just like he was there in front of me.

I remember a time when I was building, before my Grandfather died. My bother and I were in a partnership and we would always take care of the maintenance at our Grandparents place. When we first started this, we were doing some repairs to the eaves around the house and here he was, getting into the thick of it, helping as he could and clambering up ladders to pass up gear. He was in his element, roughing it with the boys. He was already in his eighties but the twinkle in his eye showed he felt he was in his prime. At morning break, we all sat around outside, on anything we could find to sit on and talk and joke like it was any building site around the world. (we weren’t invited inside as that would have spoilt the ambience he wished to create.) He would make sure we always had a full cup so we would spend as long as he could keep us, just chewing the fat. (chatting). Sometimes the morning break would last all morning and would involve lunch.

As I read his passages I realized that here was an ordinary bloke who had decided to write a bit as he grew up. This writing became a hobby and here I was, years later, reliving his moments, the good and bad days that he had and the lessons he learnt. It was a window into his life and how much I enjoy the privilege.

It is with this mind that I encourage anyone/everyone to write or put down their thoughts. Not necessarily for this generation but for others, later generations of our families and friends; to give them the privilege of knowing us or a sense of kinship. Believe me, it happened to me reading my Grandfathers thoughts and it will happen for those that read your story.

Until next week

Cheers… Bill

Bill Gray

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