Ok, well, here are the basics…

Kiwi by birth. Done my time as a Chippie (carpenter in the old terminology) I have build a few houses in my time.
Played Rugby for far too many years and now my knees tell me that I played Rugby for far to many years.
Been married, 3 kids. (Not married but shacked up and happy)
Shifted to Aussie, found a place in Sydney
Building kept the $$$ coming in and trained as a Coach with CoachU
Told I needed a website so figured out how to do it. Realised that it was easier than I was told so set about making it easy. Now host quite a few websites for others.
Shifted down to the coast, half way between Sydney and Melbourne (population of township – 380 people)
Built a house
Carried on Coaching in Sydney, Canberra and around the world
Got sick of the travelling
Took up mountain biking
Got a job estimating and running the Health and Safety aspects of a Building Firm for a builder,
kept coaching, kept hosting website, built another house
Left the estimating as I was getting too busy and building is quiet
Expanded the hosting
Expanded the Coaching to online
Decided New Zealand would be nice to return to so threw a dart at a map and landed in Kaikoura
Experienced the Kaikoura Earthquake firsthand
Built another house after the shocks died down

arrived at the present day…

Now for the deep stuff. Love my life, my kids are adults now and awesome, I have fantastic friends, life is pretty good. ok so it’s not that deep.

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