Hey there,

We are all go and have started this awesome course for brand spanking new people to learn all the tricks of the website trade. From buying a domain name right through to installing a WordPress website and then splashing some colour around and adding your content and images.

Easy-Website-MechanicsEasy-Website-Mechanics has broken the whole process down to just four simple steps and shows you how to sidestep all the fluff and crap so you can set up a professional website and get it “live” in 48 hours (and usually much sooner)The trick in all this is that we have done all the hard work for you.

We show you

how to buy a domain name,
how to pick and chose your hosting (where your website will be)
how to connect your domain name to your hosting account
how to install a WordPress website from inside your hosting account (yes, it will be there)

We then show you how to create the look and feel you want and how to add all the content and images you wish for. Pretty amazing when you think that you don’t have to do anything technical or know anything about coding. All you have to do is follow along and it all appears as if by magic.

Well, ok, you have to do some of the work, but there is always help at hand as you go through the process, there is always someone to ask advice from and help you over any hurdles you may encounter (not that there usually is, as Easy-Website-Mechanics has covered all the bases

We have even included all the stuff you need to know to connect your website with all your social accounts. We even go over setting up a Facebook page and connecting your website with it and Facebook with your website…

Look, this is just an incredibly easy way for beginners to get a professional website up online. As I keep reminding myself, if you need a website, you are the right person to do the job, right now. So go for it!

If you head over to Easy-Website-Mechanics and take a look. You will be blown away