Here is a $150 program, free to the first 50 people…

Do you need a website, but told it is too technical, complicated and time consuming to do by yourself?

Easy-Website-Mechanics is a brand spanking new four step approach that blows all the website difficulties out of the water.

You will have your domain name and a professional website up “live” in less that 48 hours (and usually much sooner)




Money Tight?

Know you “should” be online but don’t know where to start?

Don’t even know what to do about it?

Never found that guardian angel to give you all the answers?

Ok, I know exactly how you feel. I want to assure you that you are the best person for the job and most probably the only person who will do the right job, right now.

We are about to release a series of videos that will take the worry out of getting online

These videos will give you the stepping stones to a fully fledged website owned by you. Follow along and when we have finished you will have a domain name and website up and live.

First of all, Hi and welcome to the start of a great life on the web.

My name is Bill Gray. I am a business coach and I live in Australia, half way between Sydney and Melbourne in a town of some 350 people. I also run a web hosting business that began back in 2001.

I have spent countless hours encouraging people, just like you, to get an online presence to expand their business contacts and generate a greater income stream.

The one reason I started hosting websites was due to the difficulty finding information on how the whole process works. Once I found out, through trial and error, I decided that I could provide a straight forward way that interested people could follow. That way is through the information I am providing to you now. A step by step guide.

We are about to release a system called “Easy-Website-Mechanics”

It will be the premier mechanism for people who are “new-to-the-internet-scene” and aren’t sure what steps to take to have your own website (whether it be for business, pleasure or some other specialised use.) but want to get a website up and have an online presence.

Easy-Website-Mechanics is designed specifically for you.

If you already know how to set up a website, this probably isn’t the program for you. It goes over the basics and steps the new user through the hurdles of a domain name and website install, plus how to insert your content.

As a special pre-release, I am going to give the 1st 50 people to register free access to the entire program. All I ask in return is for some honest feedback and a testimonial so I can let others know how the program worked for you.

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Do it now and the first 50 people to do so will get free access. Easy-Website-Mechanics is in the final steps of release and when completed you will be the first to gain access.

This is a $150 program and you can have it for free by being in the first 50 to register for the pre-release-access

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