I used to think I was lucky. I never really had any difficulty getting coaching clients. I’d ask someone if they wanted to be coached and they would say yes. Converting them to be a paying client was another story. I had the busiest free service going.

While I was training with Coach U, I was told that you went and got clients so I did… I know I coached a lot of people for free. My free clients were where I learnt the trade. I found I was coaching 20 to 30 free clients a week. Great for them but not so good for me. I still had to eat. The one thing Coaching fall down on is the one thing most business models fall down on… They teach the skills to carry out and perform but they don’t teach the skills of how to get the dollars.

You see it in web design – great website but no traffic. Building – Can build a great house but wouldn’t have a clue about the business of construction. Coaching is no different. There seems to be a thousand coaching schools that teach the concepts of coaching but fall down on the business of clients. Maybe it isn’t their brief? Whatever is the reason, It isn’t happening so what do you do? Well, read on…

coaching clients

There is a fool proof way to get clients in nearly every instant and I will share it right now. It’s original version comes from a small book by Allan Pease called “Questions Are The Answers” I suggest you have a read. He tells the approach you should take when addressing people on Network Marketing. For Coaching, I use a similar approach

When giving one of your “free” coaching sessions, instead of coaching the person in front of you, try this…

Start up a conversation regarding coaching and the expectations around your approach to coaching. (might as well be clear about this right from the start) then ask them what they hope to achieve with coaching. You are looking for the positive results they will get from your coaching. Jot down the points they are making. When they have finished, check that all the points have been raised and noted. When done, ask them to look over the list and let them choose the most important one to them. Get them to change the wording if the point you wrote doesn’t resonate with them. You want their words.

When they have finally made a choice, ask them why they chose that one. Don’t ask anything else just yet, Let them tell you why and then ask why is that so important to them. You want them to give you the reason why that particular point is most important to them to have in their life.

Then ask them what the consequences of not having that opportunity or positive will cause them. Here again, you want them to express the downside and reasons why they are here in the first place. Then ask them “Why would that worry you?” There will be a lot of “becauses” here so just listen and when they have finished with their worries, you can then say “that is the reason why coaching is for you, would you like to get a start on this right now? This is where you get their commitment to become involved and it is not a high pressure selling kind of thing, it is business as usual next step in the process.

Try this for your success.