Hi there,

Thank you all for an inspiring class last night.  I say inspiring due to three reasons in particular.  The first is that I see so many “presentations and seminars” advertised, all professing things like “find out the secrets of….. ” “discover the seven points to true happiness” and so on.

What we found out last night, is that each of us already have a wealth of secrets that will bring us the desired results.  Making that happen took up most of the discussion last night.  The discussion around “The present is perfect”

While we continue to focus on making sure our future is going to be perfect and putting our attention on the past performances of our life, we are missing the very part of our life that enables us to do both those things, The Present.  Right here and now allows us the opportunity to look to the future and relive the past and it also allows us the privilege of Enjoying the situation we have right now.  That is this time called the present.

While we live in this present time, how much of it do we actually spend here?

The second reason I was inspired is that I find that learning is a lifelong experience.  Last nights class showed me that the excitement and challenges of the journey should not be missed due to being so intent on making the destination.  Opportunities abound, or so I am told. My question to myself is  “why don”t they happen to me?”   Why is it that I don”t see what is there, in front of my face?  Where is my attention if its not right here and now?

All these questions and not one answer… or is it more that I am not accepting the answers I am being given?

The third reason I was inspired by the class…  I am amazed at how much help I receive from each and every one of you.  There is simply no reason why we have to do this journey called life by ourselves, and definitely no reason why we should.  Listening to each experience, each question, each enquiry enables another little cog to fall into place.  As we discover truths about ourselves so to are we opening the door for others to discover for themselves.  It is what we DO with that discovery, that will determine our success in our own achievements. The commitment to becoming more attractive is more than a thought.  It is an action, it is an action that will lead you away from mediocrity, lead you away from the same old, same old, and deliver you to being the person you truly deserve to be.

So thank you for an inspiring teleclass.  I invite you to really get your teeth into the Present….

Action Steps to Take:

Try spending one day a week without goals. Simply respond to the messages you get from inside you and around you. See what this feels like.

Pay attention to your thoughts for 15 minutes a day for the first three days of next week (check your watch or timer). What percentage of your thoughts related to the past, present, or future?

For the next three days, do your best to let go of thoughts of the past and future.
Does this make you feel different?
Does this make you more or less effective in your daily life?

Also please keep working on becoming more SELF-ish.  If you have any questions, queries or just wish to respond please feel free to email me.  I really enjoy hearing your feedback.

“See you” on next Mondays call