Attraction- Shifting from Reacting to Responding Follow up

Hi Fellow Attractionists,

Last night we discovered that Attraction is a personal topic which affects each of us in different ways. I am impressed by the amount of commitment to this journey by each of us and the amount you have been prepared to share has shown just how the journey is going.

During the first part of the call we had a review of the “Perfect the Present” idea. I noted with interest the amount of times the concept of having more time came up as we moved closer to being in the present and the amount of SELF-ishness that was able to occur when time was available. It is valuable to note that the more we can bring ourselves into the present, the more we appear to gain the time to create.

This concept bought us straight into the next step in the Attraction Process, Shifting from Reactive to Responsive.

The definition of these two words were discussed and I have also included one here;


To be subjected to a feeling or compelled to action in answer to something; this can limit attraction.


An action or behavior in answer to something; responding helps us attract better.

People respond with their soul, their inner self, people react with their mind. People respond when they have time and there is no threat (or at the earliest stages of a threat) People react when its too late. You know its a response when you have plenty of time to make changes, to correct something, to protect yourself or to create something. If its instinctive, its a reaction likely based on some threat

Reaction: What happens automatically following a stimulus

Response: What happens after you have time to ask a question and act consciously

Over-response: What happens when you shape your response to address the deepest causes of what has happened or what you have felt.

The attractiveness of each of us is enhanced by the amount of attention we put into responding and overresponding to areas that affect us (and others) Responding changes the dynamics of how others act as well. Once we have moved forward towards responding, the effect we create is tenfold.

With these three points alone (Selfishness, Perfect Present and Responding) we already are perfectly placed to attract more of what we wish rather than be the effect of our surroundings.

Action Steps to Take this week:

When you find yourself in reaction, involve yourself in it fully. Go to “wow, what is this”? Be curious like a child in a candy store. Move into the observation to learn more about yourself.

Notice how often you react vs. respond. · What kinds of things cause you to be reactive?

Consciously over-respond to either a problem or an opportunity.

Be prepared to share the results of your work with the class.

Also remember to carry on with the work, perfecting the present and becoming more selfish.

If you have any discoveries and/or questions please feel free to write or ask. I am here to create the space for you to look, learn, experiment and attract what is great for you.

Have a great week