Sometimes, you just have to let life be

I know I write about changing this and that in your life, you know the drill, different ways to improve your lot or your standing as you feel you need or want to.

But sometimes, just sometimes there is a need to let it all go.

Sometimes you need to blob out, leave the clothes on the floor, dishes in the sink, and chill. Sometimes you need to forget all the promises you made, deal to the appointments and get the hell out of there. Don’t let anyone stop you or try to apply some guilt trip. Everyone will survive without you even if they (or you) don’t think so. So just do it, just let life be. Let it go on its way, while you blob out.

When was the last time you threw on a CD and turned up the volume?

When was the last time you hired some movies and watched the lot?

Or locked the door and stayed in bed all day?

When did you actually turn off the mobile phone, computer and took your landline off the hook?

Went for a walk to nowhere?

Sometimes doing these things can be the most satisfying of activities.

In this day where responsibility and accountability are pushed on us like there is no tomorrow, we need to take off the covers and just be ourselves. You see, when we get dressed for work, we usually put on a cover that hides our emotions of life. When we run into the office or job, we tend to put our life on hold. Work becomes all encompassing and we steel ourselves from letting our life get in the way.

Now without putting too much importance on the stars as written in the daily paper, I was interested to read my horoscope this morning, as it confirmed what I am trying to say above.

Funny how that happens, aye?

This is what it had to say…

Reassure yourself. Let go of whatever is upsetting you, no matter how urgent or intense it seems. Leave it, just for a while. Put it down, even if you know that you must pick it up again soon. A break is essential. You can afford to take one. Indeed, you can’t afford not to have one. Perspective will bring clarity. Clarity will bring a solution. Don’t be worried, don’t feel blue.

Perspective will bring clarity. Clarity will bring a solution… couldn’t have put it better myself!

The first thing though is to just take time out.

I used to go for a run, push the body as hard as I could for as long as I could. I spent many years in Christchurch, New Zealand and was lucky enough to have the Port Hills on my back door. Running the 3 miles up to the summit was great therapy as the trek up was nothing short of steep and then the run along the summit road was mind blowing with the views simple stunning.

There was something about that view that kept the mind free of those draining thoughts that undermine the confidence. With the breeze in my face, the sweat running down my face, I was invincible. Sure, the realities of life were still there but I was recharged and somehow that stress was less intense when I returned.

Then the perspective and clarity took over. The decisions I made were more in tune with the actual problem I was faced with, without the stuffing and dead weight of my minds intervention.

In other words, I was confronting the problem at hand. No demons included.

The best thing to do is to trace through your ideas and memories and pick something that really appeals. It may be adrenaline thrill seeking or it may be just blobbing out, relaxing on the front porch, feeling the suns rays on your face. It’s not so much the activity but the fact that you are doing it.

Now go out and do it. Make that the most important activity in your life for a day. Now when you do it, you know, pluck up the courage and actually put yourself first for once. Don’t then go and beat yourself up afterwards. Its so easy to do, you get back to work and suddenly work is thrown at you and you immediately have that feeling that you would have been better off staying at work. That is what we are programmed to think, but that is madness. How is it, that work has more value than us, the being, the person who you rely on to stay alive… you!

Work isn’t that important. You are!

Work rates a long second from actual life… how many times have you heard stories of people on their deathbed saying “if only I had done…”,

“if only I had spent more time with…”.

One story you have never heard is the person saying “If only I had spent more time at work”

Why is that?

So I dare you to do it… actually do nothing or do something entirely for you for a day.

Go on, be daring, you have plenty to lose if you don’t…

Your sanity, your grip on the real life, your general well being all relies on you being the best you can. Every step you take away from being this relaxed you, is a step closer to being stressed and out of touch with you and your surrounding. Work does a good job of confusing the fun loving, cheeky, humorist in you. The stresses and strains of life do the rest.

For you to be your best, you need to recharge your own batteries. Do it in the best possible way, by choosing a day and spending it pampering yourself, indulging yourself in your fancy.

We will all be better off for it (you included)

All the best

Until next week

Cheers… Bill

Bill Gray

Bill is a Business Coach. Working with Individuals, Businesses and Organisations to create better environments and to develop and enhance business ”potential”, into successful business practices.

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