Headed up the usual route for a ride today. We had a new rider just getting his stripes so the first part of the trip was a quiet meander until he reached his limit some 7 km out from the start (yes it almost is all uphill) Then the fun began. Personal best times on three sections of the climbs (one was an equal of a previous best time) When the head and body come together, it makes everything so much easier.

I even had a little time thinking about how sport is so similar to business in this respect. When you put your heart and soul into smashing your own records (whether you are 15 or 50, sport or business) you achieve so much. You achieve more than you ever would have thought. When I first started mountain biking, my first ride was a relatively flat 4km and then an upwards slope of some 5km until a steep downhill back into town. A 12 km ride in total. I had to get off and rest half way up the slope. Took me 15 minutes to recover enough to carry on.

I persevered and today was the result.

Business is the same. If you are unfit, as in your head and body aren’t in sync, you aren’t going to have a very successful time of it. When the passion comes together with the headspace and the body can actually nearly keep up, the things you achieve!

So get fit, in the mind and the body and then smash yourself achieving your own dreams. Not only is it fun, but you will have success.

Here is my ride to prove it…