I have been following along with this Cease and Desist subject regarding the iSearch toolbar and iDownload. that is being played out on the CastleCops website. So many people have been writing about it, saying how this is just so unjust. We have seen examples of large companies folding to the pressure and we have seen smaller organizations stand up.

This isn’t about fighting for rights or making anyone pay… this is about basic truths and if we, as members of this environment, accept what we are blindly told or presented with, we will drift further down the track of loosing all that our forefathers have fought for…’, ‘The two world wars were fought to protect the rights of people. Let people have a choice and not be dictated to, by a regime that wanted to inflict pain and suffering on others.

The basic concept was to stop Totalitarianism ….

The concept of Totalitarianism is a typology or ideal-type used by some political scientists to encapsulate the characteristics of a number of twentieth century regimes that mobilized entire populations in support of the state or an ideology. According to these historical approximations, totalitarian regimes are more repressive of pluralism and political rights than authoritarian ones. Under a totalitarian regime, the state controls nearly every aspect of the individual”s life. Totalitarian governments do not tolerate activities by individuals or groups such as labor unions that are not directed by the state”s goals. Totalitarian regimes maintain themselves in power through secret police, propaganda disseminated through the media, the elimination of open criticism of the regime, and use of terror tactics. Internal and external threats are created to foster unity through fear. reference

What we have here is nothing less that this idea, only it is being applied by a company wishing to exert its might on individuals who have been unsuspecting through the use of clever wording

Cleverly worded terms of agreements don’t bring this any nearer to being right. This is a slick marketing campaign but is designed to take way control from you and pass it to the company who now has access to your computer and they can now design the way you think by pushing advertisements that mirror your computers use.

If we take this example of a company putting an application or program on our computer and then directing that same computer towards sites the company has received money from, then where is right in this? You can say it doesn’t apply but it does. We all know the truth… why do so many people wish to get this same application taken off their computer if we were looking at a good program. This is force; there is not an element of being right in the way this has been executed.

I would love to know if every executive in iDownload has this application installed at work and on their home computer. They probably won’t, I can tell you that. This application cuts into production time so much so, that your very intellect is challenged due to the constant interruptions of this so called helpful program and the items it throws at you via pop-ups and redirection and links.

You see, this application is designed to take away your choice, or to severely restrict your choice so you only pick companies that pay the owners of this application. Your vision on what is actually available to you, is curtailed and so the truth is that you are getting exposure to the sites that this company deems to be acceptable, whether they are acceptable to you or not.

Now you may ask why I am writing about this. Well it’s quite simple really. I believe that this company is right in its assumption that clever wording can hide the truth. I believe that this company is right in assuming that people will download a product that is ultimately designed to earn the company money with no care of consequence to the user. I believe that this company is also right in its assumption that if they send out official letters requiring people stop bagging them, the majority will. I would like to add one more… I believe that this company is untruthful in its dealings with you and I. They are bullying people’s rights to think for themselves. How ethical is that?

If an individual cannot stand up and say what is troubling him without fear of being threatened with legal action then we definitely have succumbed to this totalitarian idea