Life on Planet Earth

Well what a week it has been. For some reason, the life of Computer Cops was nearly turned on its ear. Blasted from existence ….and why? Well I’m guessing that through the passage of time, facts will emerge that will fill in the gaps and make the situation that happened much clearer.

It’s been an eye opener, hasn’t it?

When ever a situation like this happens, its very clear that two sides mark a patch in the dirt and the “if you cross this line, I’m gonna…” starts.

Why does this happen, why is there a good and bad, right and wrong? Why do we need this?

Well we know about the ethics of a society and the upholding of values, We need to have certain rules. Even with the existence of rules and guidelines, we still have those that will run riot and rough shot over these very ideas that are meant to keep us all in a peaceful environment. So the rules, in themselves only work for the people who live their life that way, anyway. Sad but true.

I heard that there is a belief that this “us and them” mentality is a way of creating progress. If “them” attack “us” we devise better defenses and they devise better weapons and vice versa. Without this constant ebb and flow, we become complacent and so progress slows. Nice thought and I can see there is some truth in the concept. There are some flaws as well. This idea only considers two states… the “us” and the “them” which brings up the next set of questions…

Doing Time on Planet Earth

What if we have it all wrong?

What if, by believing what we do, we have inadvertently turned off the very learning we should have done?

What if we were able to change our viewpoint so radically and enough of us actually believed some far out there concept, would it change life as we know it?

Now before you look at me as some weirdo from out of space, I’m asking you to hear me out… Maybe I am.

Look, let’s face it…. We are all here doing time on Planet Earth and whether we like it or not, we don”t have a choice (or so we believe) yet 200 years or so ago, we, as a race, used the horse and cart for travel, Ships were blown to where they wanted to go and if you had been told back then that 200 years from then, we would be building a space station that actually floated up in space and people could live in it you would have been stuck in a loony bin.

All this progress has happened in such a short space of time. Is it because we are progressing as a race at a far greater pace? Yes maybe, or is it because we have nearly done our time. Done the sentence! been rehabilitated enough to enter back into the realms of the real reality.

Films like the Matrix and The Truman Show…………….. You know, here is a guy spending all his life believing he lives in a beautiful town and all it is, is a TV program What if that’s what’s happening to all of us right now, what would happen if one of those lights we call stars actually fell out of the sky and we then began to think differently, would we find the door that leads to the prison gates…. Who knows…….? All I am asking you to do is maybe open up to a different concept than what we believe right now.

Would we have electricity, cars, computers, mobile phones, the list goes on…? Would we have any of these things if individuals didn”t test the common theories of the time? …and where did these new fangled ideas come from anyway.

Lets take the mobile phone. Who in their right mind would ever believe that we could transmit our voice from anywhere to anywhere with something as small as a cigarette packet pushed against our ear, I mean to say, just think about that for an idea.

Now push that back to when the Romans were around just imagine lying back on your sofa eating grapes and calling Mum on the mobile…

So where did this technology come from?? Yeah some guy woke up in the middle of the night and said……. You know what, I’m going to invent something, I’m going to invent the telephone and what’s more, in another 100 years it’s going to not have any wires needed to get from one person to the next.

Like think about the idea of electricity, here’s a bloke thinking “how can I get rid of the mother-in-law, oh I know I’ll grab some lightening and electrocute her,” and so he finds that a bit hard to do so he just invents electricity.

The question I’m asking you to ponder on is, well, is the technology there already, like do we know all this stuff already and does it just take a few of us to ask the type of questions to bring it out…..?

If we are actually Doing time here on Planet Earth, If we have been sentenced here by the confederation or some other interplanetary body, If our sentence was along the lines of say, stay here until you sort out how to get out. If we do already have all the technology and its there ready to be tapped into, where will we then head as a race

I’ve heard it said that they call it the human race because in every race there are plenty of losers.

Well lets change that lets be the first to find that prison door, let’s ask the questions that will push the boundaries because it’s those very boundaries that may be clouding our view.

Instead of saying, I cant see that happening, maybe take the time to wonder how it would be so, like so many people before us, each of them doing time for something, for each of those individuals who dared to question and have allowed us to now have mobile phones, computers, fast cars, electricity, dare to question the standard thinking the thinking that may be keeping us where we are……. Doing Time on Planet Earth

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Further to the above….

My article last week… Doing Time on Planet Earth created quite a stir judging by the emails I received. There was a common thread that revolved around the idea that I was trying to convince people that they should change their belief in their faith.

Can I assure one and all that I have no such wish. In fact I support your faith totally. That isn’t to say that I wish you to remain stagnant in your life, far from it. I am asking you to ask yourself the questions that may open the door to a life that fully embraces your faith as well as improving on the things that you feel could be improved on.