My time has not yet come

It is said with a belief that this is the case but with the full knowledge that this cannot be so. For there is only now and my time is a part of this.

Sometimes we find ourselves carrying out actions and we wonder what we are doing all this for. Sure there are reasons but when we look, it seems like there is no purpose. Its as if our time hasn’t come and we are preparing for an event but we don’t actually know what it is. In the fullness of time we seem to come to an understanding of why we were doing that action. Sometimes people come into our lives and we wonder why this occurs. Sometimes people leave and it appears selfish or unbelievable and yet, later on, it seems like it was supposed to happen

Life is constantly reminding us that there is another level on which we live, we only sometimes touch it but when we do, we understand why, even if it is just for a fleeting moment… and then we lose touch with it again.

This is part of a greater story that I will post as I get to it. It isn”t supposed to be too deep, more a conversation.

My time has not yet come

I am in waiting and I am here doing

I rest and I am planning

I plan and I do not know what to plan for

I watch and, of course, I am also involved

I am changing what will be the future

…and yet there is never any future, just now

I know that I am supposed to do something

yet my destiny hasn”t revealed itself yet

I believe we will find out when we are supposed to.