Truth, Justice and the Ordinary Person

It”s been an interesting few weeks, what with cease and desist letters, Court Cases, Hijackings of website email, the list goes on…

Somewhere in all this, the truth seems to be something that is forgotten about. Now it appears to be who can swing the majority of the voters their way, who can convince the general public that they are being hard done by or trying to show that, what the person is doing is OK, because this person has credibility.

Where is this basic concept of truth?

Doesn”t it count any more?

Damn right it does and it is going to count more as time goes on. People are sick and tired of hearing the stories about what is supposedly right, with scant regard for basic truths. People want to know the truth. If it is supposedly right, then it”s going to stack up against some long held basic truths…’, ‘It is no longer acceptable to explain something away with long winded explanations and clever words that actually distort the real case. People want to hear the truth as it stands.

If it is, it is! …and that’s all there is to it

For example…

No amount of clever words will hide the fact that a spyware product is a spyware product. You can’t join up with some other company and then say that it’s fine to use this product because we are now in cohorts with reputable company A. That’s just not the truth!!! You can’t go around charging people with false facts when a product of yours causes people concern… If it causes people concern, it causes them concern. What’s so hard about that?

Maybe if these perpetrators of mayhem stood back and listened to the public then they might learn something, but this isn’t what this is about. This is about cleverly deceiving people by stealth and careful manipulation. These people aren’t interested in what you and I think, they are actively seeking out people who are easily deceived and preying on their vulnerabilities.

Anyone who disagrees with their methods finds their character strongly and actively attacked. The truth has no place in here; this is about shouting the loudest and creating havoc so that it appears the perpetrator are hard done by. Truth! What truth?

Now you and I are the ones who have been caught by this, we nonchalantly go about our business and we get caught by some product that gets onto our computer. Now did we push that button to say no or yes? Or was the question to install or to cancel the install?

You know what, I’m not sure, but I know one thing right now… I don’t want this product on my computer anymore. That’s the truth… Now the battle really starts. There is just no easy way out, the uninstall program takes out some of the program… did I install more than one? Look, I can’t actually remember

My computer is now a mess, I get this and that happening, and it’s just frustrating. I just get more and more angry and upset about the computers loss of ability to do basic functions.

Anyone who has had a spyware, malware, virus, and Trojan or other-ware attacks will know exactly what I am talking about. Its just plain upsetting and I know I don’t want it on my computer! It’s that simple

So let’s head back down this path of truthfulness

What’s the truth here?

Well this dictionary says Truth is…

Conformity to fact or actuality.

A statement proven to be or accepted as true.

Sincerity; integrity.

Reality; actuality.

Well the actuality is I have something on my computer I do not wish to have

All I know is that this is a pain. I don’t want it and it causes me upset having this on my computer. That’s the fact of the matter. I want my computer returned to before I made contact with this program. No arguments, no discussions on the rights or wrongs of the matter, I just want to return to the sanity of before, not the insanity I have now. Pretty simple, don’t you think?

For some reason all the sanity of common sense doesn’t apply. The basic rights of the individual are compromised and then, right then, at that point, you no longer have total rights to do as you please within the confines of common sense. Don’t believe me? Well read this extract from the terms of use/end user agreement of a company that installs this type of stuff…


Functionality – Software delivers advertising and various information and promotional messages to your computer screen while you view Internet web pages. This Company is able to provide you with Software free of charge as a result of your agreement to download and use Software, and accept the advertising and promotional messages it delivers.

By installing the Software, you understand and agree that the Software may, without any further prior notice to you, automatically perform the following: display advertisements of advertisers who pay a fee to this Company and/or it”s partners, in the form of pop-up ads, pop-under ads, interstitials ads and various other ad formats, display links to and advertisements of related websites based on the information you view and the websites you visit; store non-personally identifiable statistics of the websites you have visited; redirect certain URLs including your browser default 404-error page to or through the Software; provide advertisements, links or information in response to search terms you use at third-party websites; provide search functionality or capabilities; automatically update the Software and install added features or functionality or additional software, including search clients and toolbars, conveniently without your input or interaction; install desktop icons and installation files; install software from this Company affiliates; and install Third Party Software.

In addition, you further understand and agree, by installing the Software, that this Company and/or the Software may, without any further prior notice to you, remove, disable or render inoperative other adware programs resident on your computer, which, in turn, may disable or render inoperative, other software resident on your computer, including software bundled with such adware, or have other adverse impacts on your computer.

So hang on a second, if this is the truth of the matter, I have lost control of my computer to a company I don’t actually know, and they now have the right to put onto my computer, anything they damn-well please and I’ve just agreed to it? What’s more, if they decide I don’t need it anymore, they can take it off and my computer can be rendered useless and that’s my problem… Wow!!!

Where’s the justice in that?

Well my dictionary puts justice this way….

1 a The quality of being just; fairness.

2 a The principle of moral rightness; equity.

b Conformity to moral rightness in action or attitude; righteousness.

3 a The upholding of what is just, especially fair treatment and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law.

b Law. The administration and procedure of law.

What actually determines what is just or fair… and why?

You see, what we have going now, isn’t actually working. Despite the idea that the laws need to be applied and people who have done wrong need to be punished are we actually achieving a better society? Hell, look at the above situation

We don’t seem to be brave enough to say that it isn’t working and those that do, get shouted down or the perpetrators try to shout them down with Cease and Desist letters actually written by Lawyers. The very people we have asked to provide us with truth and justice.

Now let’s take us. Us ordinary folk who go about our daily business trying to make ends meet and enjoy our family life. Well I know what I think is right but where does this fit? Where are my common sense ideals asked for? Where is the truth when it matters most to me?

Well don’t despair, you can do something about it. It will take every one of us to do something though

We have to say that something is not truthful for us when it isn’t. If each individual took it upon themselves to publicly state that something is not the truth then the truth would win through. These people would start to back off. Sure, you by yourself is like a drop in the ocean but all of us, together make up the ocean.

Silence is not going to bring about truth and justice. Your voice will if you join mine and hers, and his and theirs…

until next week

Cheers… Bill

Bill Gray

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