The Ultimate Computer Security for Non Computer Types
(this article was posted on CastleCops, a computer help forum website that is now defunct)

The ultimate answer in computer security!

If you struggle with computers, don’t know the difference between your hard drive and your C drive, This will work for you. No more security hassles, No more bugs, No more spyware, No more ad ware… The answer; Turn off your computer and don’t use it.

This method will work perfectly, 100% of the time. You will not get another security hassle in your computer again, unless you choose to turn it back on and then you are, again, at risk.

As you can guess this isn’t for those that require to use their computer in any way, shape or form and there lies the problem, of course, we need our computer and we wish to use it.

The heading and the point I am making is two fold. It shows us that there is a way to get over this spyware/adware/virus problem. It also shows us how we will look at anything that might help us do that. Now admittedly, having this heading on a security site isn’t the best way to test my theory, although, I know that people do go looking in places they shouldn’t really look. The proof is in the forums on this site… just look at what people get mixed up with and most consider themselves innocent victims of the virus/spyware phenomenon but they still managed to go to a particular site or open a particular file or download a nasty dialer. (and of course, there are the people that get infected through no fault of their own)

We all must review how we go about life on the internet. We can choose to turn our computers off with a 100% success in stopping every type of virus or spyware. The percentages drop as we take more risks. Your risk level is your own and thankfully we have sites like this one to clear up our messes. The review will clarify for you, how secure you are.

Lights, Camera, Action

Probably the best thing an actor or actress can hear would be these words. It means they are employed. What about us? What do we like to hear?

I like the idea of action as I am a fan of action. Action means something is happening rather than just talk or committees. I have heard it said that if you want to stop something from starting, form a committee. So why? why is it that so much talk must take place before action can start? Why is that so?

Do we have a fear of starting something we may not be able to stop? Or is it that we must proceed in the “right” way and if that is the case, Why?

We can trace a piece of it back to my uncle who reckons that any reason to not work is a better reason than working. You know, why put off to tomorrow what you can put off forever.

Action is an interesting state as when you act, you create so many actions. It creates action in itself. If you do something and keep on doing it, if someone wishes it to stop, they can’t just talk about it, they must do something to stop it. If they want to change it, they have to do something to change it.

While we have to have some forms of discussion, remember that talk is just that and unless it is moving towards action, the energy used might be better spent blowing up balloons. The purpose of a discussion is to find or create a way to carry some action forward. The action is where it happens, no matter how much planning takes place.

I had better add that I love conversations, there is nothing like being with friends and chewing the fat. Reminiscing and discussing the ways of the world. It is in this place that we can discover grand ideas and create even better plans. We can laugh and we can cry. I wouldn’t want this to change. I find it a great way to relax. This is a different place than creating action, especially in the workplace environment

It comes down to the saying that goes; the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.

There is a Coaching Model that we use;

Coaching sequence

1. Listen generously

2. Relate (build the relationship)- tell the truth about what you hear

3. Advocate to empower- ask for the person’s best

4. Design actions

In a coaching conversation the order is not important but the action of each of these points is. I am engaged by clients to carry out this sequence, The clients job is to carry out the design. In other words, create the action.

If you are having difficulty with this, then ask yourself what it is you want? Then ask how are you going to get it? Apply each of the steps in the coaching sequence, Apply the sequence to yourself and see what answers you come up with. The step after step 4 is the one that counts, that’s the step where the action takes place. That’s where you start to achieve.

…and finally

If you feel a little aggrieved that I may have tricked you into reading this article, I apologise. I did do it on purpose though, you see, it shows the power of the written word and how often we can get caught following some claim without thinking. Makes us think about our review of our security precautions and how, despite all the programs and files we use to protect ourselves… we can undo all our good work by our own human characteristics of following along with the crowd even though we know there may be a catch.

Have a great week

Cheers… Bill

Bill is a Business Coach. Working with Individuals, Businesses and Organisations to create better environments and to develop and enhance business ”potential”, into successful business practices.

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