Well it seemed like a great advertisement,

ACCOMODATION: Honeymoon suite, sleeps three

MAN wanted to wash dishes, and two waitresses

GIRL wanted for petrol pump attendant

ACCOMMODATION, suit two girls willing to share room or young man.

Where ever we look we can find something to make us smile. The trick is to open our minds to the things that are funny or light hearted, rather than concentrating on that which is sad or makes us angry

So, who was the witness?

Why is it that when we are all asked to recall an event that happened, we all come up with a different or differing views… Now why is that?

Just imagine, if you will, if we all saw the same thing, how easy life would be. It would be simple to tell what happened at the scene of an accident if witnesses were there. We would all come up with the same story.

We wouldn’t ever criticize the referee as we would have seen it as the ref did, every single one of us…. Now wait a minute lets back up a little, where is the fun in that? Would that mean the ref would see everything we see and from our perspective, hmmm

Does that mean because we all see the same thing, that mistakes wouldn’t be made? Well no, but we would all see the same mistake, wouldn’t we? Or would we, what if I thought that it wasn’t a mistake?… would that mean we all saw a mistake or only half of us saw a mistake, the other half saw an event. Gee this is getting complicated.

At least something is becoming clearer; the reason why we always get differing opinions

Gives us good reason to make sure we really understand what is happening before making a judgment

It’s not Personal, its Business?

There is an old saying that goes something along the lines of “It’s not Personal, its Business”

I am here to disagree, in part, on that assumption. It’s all personal. Life is personal and it happens whether you want it to not.

When something goes wrong in business (or right, for that matter) do we say, “it was the business” No, we say “ didn’t I do well” or “I was shafted”

What happened… wasn’t it business?

You see, business doesn’t happen without the personal. Business is just that, its business and it is the personal that makes it successful or unsuccessful. After all it’s a person who makes decisions.

The Present

You may of heard mention of this “being in the present” and asked “What does this really mean?”

If you start to concentrate on what is in front of you instead of thinking about the mess you left at work or the assignment you have to get done next week. If you can assign the time doing what you are doing without interruption or without attention on other things, that is working in present time.

You will find that issues start to dissolve when all your attention is on the current or in the present.

What you see is what you see

old woman young woman

Here is a picture of an old woman wrapped in a fur shawl or is a young woman? Most of you will have seen this and it is a great example of, just because you see something one way that not everyone will. There is always another way to look at things, the trick is to find the other way. This opens the door to different opportunities to explore other options,

and therefore the chance to make the best decisions based on all the information

By the way…. Do you see an old woman or a young woman?

Have a great week

Cheers… Bill