Pride comes before a fall… or that is the saying that we quite often hear and how many times does that come true.

As with a fair few words in the English language, pride, by definition, sets us up for the fall.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with having pride in oneself but having pride to the detriment of those around us can lead us along a precarious path where one mistake or wrong turn can cause all sorts of interesting scenarios and the doomsayers begin barking at such an opportunity…’, ‘How do you have pride without detrimentally affecting others?

Is it something we should even care about?

That depends. The trouble is that voicing ones self worth seems to be a spark to light the critic’s fire. For every good word you have to say about yourself, there are always those that will come out to play the devils advocate or worse still, just put you down for the hell of it.

Does that mean we shut up? Hell No!!!!

The strategy to beat the doomsayers will always be to prosper or to continue to be a success despite their attentions. The saying, though, has its roots in history and we can all remember examples of pride coming before a fall.

So what do we do?

I have my doubts that pride is even a requirement. If you are in integrity with yourself and your surroundings, that is to say, that you have a strong personal foundation and you are constructive rather than destructive. Then pride becomes just an accessory rather than the formula in which we and others judge us.

Self assurance isn’t a crime. You get this from being good at what you do. Covering the bases and working at improving your lot. We all fall over from time to time. Sometimes we skin a knee and sometimes we lose what we feel is copious amounts. That happens whether or not you have pride.

Others, though, look at us and make a judgment call based entirely on what we have or what we have lost. Pride could be stated as having the wrong persona for the position we are in. That’s certainly where a lot of people get into trouble with others.

I am trying to separate self worth and integrity from pride.

There are other sayings that contain these elements of truth and show that pride is something we might be able to live without. To “swallow ones pride” allows the person to get on and do what he should have done in the first place.

Bill Gray

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